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Bobby Pease: Hey, so there’s three quick things that companies and contractors looking for when they’re hiring. It’s got to be that attendance rate, work ethic and the ability to lean forward and just be a self-starter, to hit the ground running. So, KWI has built a rewards package based on again what industry and companies and contracts looking for.

And this is the rewards package and were wearing some of those as well. The first thing you could probably earn at KWI, if you complete our 6-certification package in less than 24 weeks, is a hand-painted Outlaw Leather welding hood. We call that the golden arm hood. And that is our way of rewarding hard work.

Ashley Applegate: Yeah, the next thing we’re going to do is reward those students who complete our program, zero tardies zero absent so 100% perfect attendance and you’re going to earn your choice of Up In Smoke welding apparel. Maybe you want to get to the Thorax hoodie, or the Novas with the kevlar sleeve, welding shirt Up In Smoke. Yeah, and then probably attendance.

Bobby Pease: Yeah, and perfect attendance is huge. I’ve said it 100 times, I’d take a C plus welder with an A plus attendance rate over the vice versa any day of the week, because if you’re not showing up to work, I don’t care how good you are, you’re not here to make the weld. Perfect attendance is vital. The last thing we call is the Triple Crown. You know we’re in Kentucky so you win those three derbies. You know the triple crown award here. If you make it through the program and you are golden, if you make it to the program and you have perfect attendance and you’re wearing one of these Up In Smoke pieces of apparel and

after you graduate within three months, you report back to the schoolhouse 30 days of verifiable employment experience, we’ll send you free of charge this Heavy Hitters 250 AMP Tig-Rig.

Ashley Applegate: That’s right. And you don’t have to work one job for 30 days, you can work two, two-week outages but it is third party verified and that means a lot. The reward package, telling our students upfront, hey you start doing a good job from the get-go there’s some stuff coming your way. A lot of goodies. Big value on these as well.

Bobby Pease: Yeah, I think everything on the table is worth at least 150 bucks and then go north from there. So, everything is again and these are prizes going back to the students. So yeah, we’re rewarding hard work and these are not cheap items here. These are industry respective, awesome piece of gear that you’d want to take to the field with you.

Dalton: Another thing about that. I don’t want to be around anyone on drugs, right? I want to be around people that are clean and that’s going to show up to work every day. You can go a lot into detail about that, you know. I don’t want to travel, with anybody who’s going to be on drugs. I want to run with people who are dependable. Drugs will impact their work life
their personal life and if you’re around them they’ll impact you. You don’t want to ruin your career hanging around individuals who don’t respect their bodies enough to not do drugs. Bobby: You want to travel with a good crew. You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. So, who do you want identify with? And at KWI, our students are top notch, good caliber students, all looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. When you come here, your peers are going to challenge you, they’re going to raise the bar and keep you striving. It’s good to be around people who give you some competition to keep you hungry. Check out other welding schools, but we’re confident you’ll find that we have the highest standards. You want to train like your career depends on it, because it does.
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Heavy Hitters Custom 2-piece tig torch packages offer the best of both worlds by providing flexibility and a longer life span.

300+ amps? No problem! Built with performance in mind, you can weld hotter for longer without damaging the integrity of the assembly. With less internal resistance via our unique method of finishing connections, you can count on Heavy Hitters staying cool when everything else starts warming up!

Thanks to the modular design, if by some chance you damage your rig by “hitting it with a grinder, running it over, catching it on fire” you will have the ability to repair it in the field and finish your job.

This package is designed and intended to last for longer than you do!

If you wish to take the next step in your welding career with a superior product, that is made right here in the USA, then get yours right away!

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The Up in Smoke Welding Thorax Fleece Pullover model was designed specifically with welders in mind. 14 oz Carbon X fleece is made with the perfect blend of fibers for strength, warmth, and comfort.

We sourced environmentally conscious leather from a world class leader in both green initiatives and hide tanning. The quality of this leather will help keep your range of motion on the cold winter days. Strategically placed leather on the side of your hood, upper torso and arms to help protect from burns, and prolong the life of your garment. By placing the leather only where you need it, it aids in cutting down the weight and bulkiness of the garment, while still delivering the protection you need. The redesigned sleeves give more room in the elbow region for better range of motion. Sleeves are 1/2″ longer than previous model. Hood and sleeves are lined with Mount Vernon Mills twill for comfort. This makes the hood and sleeve lighter and less bulky. Front chest leather has been extended down another inch for more protection. Heavy Kevlar and Nomex stitching to tolerate the abuse these garments endure, as well as four rows of stitching across the chest

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The Up In Smoke NOVUS Welding Shirt is designed to be used in the summer. The shirt is constructed with light weight North American Mount Vernon Mills FR twill, while the high wear areas utilize Carbon X Repel. This model is the lightest weight garment in our product line. Sleeves incorporate a natural bend at the elbow for ease of movement. Strategically placed Carbon X material on the arms help protect from burns and prolong the life of your garment. It has a snap closure. The sleeves are also lined with Mount Vernon Mills twill for comfort, as well as providing an extra layer of protection on your arms. Carbon X Repel is significantly lighter then leather. Its lighter weight increases comfort and decrease’s the amount of muscle exertion that builds up over the course of a work shift. Carbon X Repel sheds molten metal, certain chemicals, flammable liquids, and other molten substances while providing extraordinary protection against extreme heat and direct flame. Sparks and spatter simply roll off the material. Tall collar, two front pockets, and eight American made YKK snap closure. The rear tail of the shirt is extended for added protection.
Heavy duty Canadian made FR and Kevlar thread is used to tolerate the abuse these garments endure. It is made in North America and designed for welding in warmer climates.

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The Outlaw Leather Hoods Outlaw Leather Golden Arm hood cannot be bought; it has to be earned. We do, however, sell KWI’s very own hood comes with a logo on the top of the hood and on the bib, to support and rock a brand you love. The Outlaw Leather Hoods are a Fibre-Metal brand with a shade 10 lens. The leather is a French Calf type and is 6 1/2 inches from the rivet. It has a window width of 2 x 4 1/4 this includes clear cover plate. Outlaw Leather makes everything handmade.

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