Kentucky Welding Institute




According to the American Welding Society, our nation’s workforce will need over 375,000 welders to satisfy the demand by 2023.   The average age of a welder is currently 54 years old.  You can rest assured that your son or daughter has made a good decision by choosing the career of welding.  As a parent wanting the best future for you child, know that KWI offers a robust certification package helping to launch their successful career.

  • Career Outlook
  • Reputable Training
  • 24 week Time Commitment
  • Tuition Investment

“I would like to take this time to say “Thank you, KWI”. My son, Blake Hawkins graduated high school in May of 2015 and started KWI in the fall. Blake was driven to do his best because his future was at stake. My son graduated top of his class and KWI had a job lined up in North Carolina even before his graduation date. With the skills KWI had taught him he passed the weld test and immediately started earning money. At only 19 years old, my son made more money in his first year of working than I can make in 5 years at my job. Blake hasn’t had any problem with employment, in fact, he has had numerous calls from companies that he has turned down because he is currently employed. I am glad that KWI is here to help the future of kid’s lives. I know Blake’s future is bright because welding is a profession in demand and KWI is there to help Blake succeed.”

–Cheri Hawkins,
parent of KWI graduate-Blake Hawkins

Kentucky Welding Institute is both an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Testing Facility and a National Center for Construction, Education, and Research (NCCER) Training Facility.  The curriculum and classroom pacing was all designed by a certified teacher of the Educational Professional Standards Board. Your welder will get the benefit of 30 years of industry experience from Director of Training and AWS Certified Welding Educator, Ashley Applegate.

Education and training is only cost effective if it enables you to secure the career you seek. College students are graduating in droves with little to no career outlook and enormous debt to overcome.  KWI offers job placement assistance meaning after your student graduates our team will continue to help find employment, for the lifetime of KWI.  

24 weeks means your welder will train at an industry pace.  40 hour work weeks are designed to acclimate your welder with the real world.  In 24 weeks, KWI’s students gain 960 hours of instruction and weld time; which surpasses traditional community college clock hours. The logic is simple; if you want to get good at this highly skilled profession then repetition and practice is key.  By submerging students in the welding industry their muscle memory and skill becomes honed exponentially faster than through traditional pacing.