Kentucky Welding Institute



Getting your money’s worth

KWI tuition includes all the metal, electrodes, and gases your welder can handle and with more instructional and weld time than our competitors; that’s more welding for the KWI student. In addition, a complete single-hand set of tools will be all you need to land your first job and start earning a living.

“Whenever I started at KWI I knew one thing, I wanted to be a pipe welder. It seemed as if I had a long way to go considering I couldn’t even walk the cup. However, with the incredible instructors and all the weld time I could ever ask for, I made my dream a reality. Now I walk the cup around pipe every day and I love every second of it. Its amazing how within 6 months you can be out and on the job making money. It was worth every penny. Not many schools can get you on a job where you make $18,000 your first 6 weeks out of school. I was able to pay off my tuition within 2 months of graduating. You have to be a cut above the rest to make it in this field, no worries though. KWI goes above and beyond to get you there.”

Austin Arnett
KWI Graduate

Unlike our competitors, KWI offers expensive certifications that carry weight on a resume including:

  • American Welding Society
  • National Center for Construction Education and Research
  • National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators
  • Occupational Safety and Health Organization
  • American Safety and Health Institute
  • Mine Safety Health Organization.  

On staff, KWI has industry working welding professionals.  Paying our instructors a wage to keep them off the road isn’t cheap.  As a KWI student you will receive the benefit of learning from and working with experienced welding professionals fresh out of compressor stations, power plants, paper mills, and other industry areas.  The advantage of having real world experience and insight is invaluable and worth the investment for KWI students’ success.



As a new institution, KWI is restricted from accepting title 4 funding including FAFSA.  Federal law requires minimum time requirements and an application process that KWI will undergo when eligible.  At the present time, enrolling students use personal loans backed with co-signing guardians and/or collateral.  KWI does credit your KEES money and accepts private scholarships, Department of Labor- TAA/WIOA assistance, and VA benefits.

As a proud supporter of Kentucky Skills USA and Kentucky FFA, the Kentucky Welding Institute awards scholarships to winning welding competitors throughout the school year at regional and state competitions.  KWI also supports the SKILLS USA National Welding Competitions.

KWI grads gain 18 months of employment, experience, and earnings over their community college peers.  KWI Combo Pipe Welder Program grads average $30+/hour. Do the math on 18 months of earnings.

  • Longer programs cost your welder time and earning potential.
  • KWI actively seeks employment for your welder.
  • KY High School Students investigate KEES money earnings. 
  • KWI can take VA GI Bill Benefits.
  • Workforce Development Grants (WIOA).
  • Local or State Scholarships.
  • Students should seek additional resources through their local or financial institutes.