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Bobby: Alright, so some guys are asking how do you get that first job? I think that the easy answer to that is there’s going to be two tests. Right off the bat the two tests you’re going to take are the drug test and then a weld test. At KWI, we’re happy to say that we’ll get you prepared for both of those. We drug test our guys- we mouth swab, we urinalysis, we hair follicle, and then we will weld test the heck out of you too. So, you’re going to be prepared for all of that. But Dalton what do you think? drug tests?
Dalton: Yes- You’re going to take a drug test and you will take a weld test. For the drug test you’re going to go to an offsite center and they’re going to have somebody standing there watching up. Yeah, for my first experience I’ll never forget it, I could couldn’t pee at all.
But yeah, so I went and took the drug test first because why is the company going to waste their time and money on a QC that’s making $40 an hour? So usually, I say 90% of time, they’re always going to have you take the drug test first. That way they’re not going to be waste material and time on guys who are hot. So then after you pass the drug test, you will take a weld test if you’re good on that- you got the job!

Bobby: Now those next couple days can be different depending on the company- how long those day one orientations are and the onsite stuff can shrink and grow depending on that company. Those drug tests can be a barrage of different things. You can probably find ways around a few of them if that’s your lifestyle. You can get on the internet and find ways to get around a few drug test, but eventually you’ll get found out. At KWI welding school we do mouth swab, urinalysis and hair follicle. The oral mouth swab is hot right now, especially with the police departments, because it’s the here and now. Those mouth swabs work for a much tighter frequency and catch traces even before the drug metabolizes in your system. The king of tests is probably the hair follicle though. Have you ever had a hair follicle?

Dalton: I had a hair follicle. Yeah, so they can go back six months? They can even go back seven years? Just depends on what they are wanting.

Bobby: Yeah, I think there’s a big rumor mill on the hair follicle for it being a moving target as far as what actually happens and how far it goes back. If you get to the internet, who knows what it will tell you, but what will be true is that it’s going to go back further than your urinalysis and much further than oral mouth swab.

Dalton: Another thing you know, just because you’re they’re going to take a hair follicle test and you shave all your hair off your body. It doesn’t matter. They’ll take fingernails. I’ve seen people get so nervous about a drug test that they shave all your hair off their body. But it didn’t matter because they just got some finger nail clippings.
Bobby: Not to mention they’re awfully suspicious that you as bald as a baby, so that’ll definitely be a way to ruin your name or get you run off. But yeah, the hair follicle. So, pulling that typically what are they going to do? They’re going to maybe pull a patch of hair or they can shave a patch of hair.
Dalton:  If you got hair, they’re going to pull a dime size amount. Maybe not quite a dime size, but a good amount of hair. Bobby:  Hair follicle tests go back further than urinalysis and further than that oral mouth swab.  But that’s nothing KWI welding school prospective students have to worry about, right?  Because we’re in the business of recruiting guys who are not doing those hardcore drugs that are showing up in that hair. Hair follicle is very common on the nuclear power plants. We’ve got a lot of KWI students that are in the nuclear side.

Of topic their references are very extensive, we get a lot of phone calls where they call on a KWI graduate for a nuclear campaign. And wildly enough, they don’t want to hear what we have to say. They ask for two references from KWI that know this student as well. It’s almost a family tree of references. Obviously, that student is going to give good references. The company doesn’t want to talk to the good reference they listed, they want to talk to one that’s two or three removed. That’s just some some free advice there on references and whatnot.  Do good things and you’ll get good things said about you.

Why go to KWI weld school?  Think of it this way- We drug test tough and stringent, which means that we’ve probably scared off or culled out a lot of that high school crowd that you knew was smoking dope in your high school parking lot or maybe was experimenting with harder drugs. There’s an epidemic going on right now as far as drugs, pills, meth and cocaine. So, picture those high school students or types of people- not at KWI, because we drug test so much on it. At orientation, we oral mouth swab, during the program you’re going to get a random urinalysis test and scheduled analysis test while you’re here. Our students are put into the CCS drug toxicology database, so that plants, companies and contractors understand and know that you’ve got clean piss tests. And then we are going to pull hair.  In month five and months six when you’re with us, we’re pulling hair so that we feel good recommending you to companies and contractors as you graduate. Now that everybody knows that KWI tests hard during weld school– all those guys that are about that life probably aren’t coming to KWI, so we just essentially culled out a bunch of those individuals and you’re welding with guys that are passionate about welding. They’re here to work, to make themselves great welders, great individuals, and iron sharpens iron. So that’s kind of people who you want to be around.

Dalton: Another thing about that. I don’t want to be around anyone on drugs, right? I want to be around people that are clean and that’s going to show up to work every day. You can go a lot into detail about that, you know. I don’t want to travel, with anybody who’s going to be on drugs. I want to run with people who are dependable. Drugs will impact their work life
their personal life and if you’re around them they’ll impact you. You don’t want to ruin your career hanging around individuals who don’t respect their bodies enough to not do drugs. Bobby: You want to travel with a good crew. You are the average of the five people you hang out with the most. So, who do you want identify with? And at KWI, our students are top notch, good caliber students, all looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. When you come here, your peers are going to challenge you, they’re going to raise the bar and keep you striving. It’s good to be around people who give you some competition to keep you hungry. Check out other welding schools, but we’re confident you’ll find that we have the highest standards. You want to train like your career depends on it, because it does.

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